f8/90mm super angulon

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    Apr 17, 2006
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    Someone at my local club brought me a Schneider 90/f8 SA on Monday eve. It is single coated and in a 00 copal so I am assuming is an early model. The shutter is a little slow, maybe lack of exercise, but the glass is in very good condition, not a mark in sight, cleaning or otherwise.
    It has plenty of movement, I have a later on and it easily covers 5x7 so would be great for shooting Architecture ion 5x4, especially in mono. I would have been interested myself, if I didn't already have one, for putting on my half plate for church interiors
    Not sure what it's worth so make me an offer, I can pass it by the guy if it's a low bid.
    I shall put some pics up tomorrow, I need to borrow a digi-snap camera as mine sadly passed away recently!