F295 Historic Process Reference Cards Now Available!

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    F295 is proud to announce that the anxiously awaited F295 Historic Process Quick Start Reference Cards are now available!

    These cards are a short and concise guide for those looking for a durable, inexpensive, and easily accessible resource to help guide their interest and pursuit of historic process photography.

    They’re great for those getting started with historic process, students, and for people who love the idea of a durable reference resource. And, because they’re laminated, you can use them next to your sink without fear or worry of ruining them! You can’t do that with a $50 book!

    Each 8.5×11,” 2 sided card contains the following information:

    A Brief History
    Safety Information
    Paper Selection Recommendations
    Materials & Necessary Chemistry
    How to Prepare the Chemistry
    How to Coat and Sensitize the Paper
    How to Expose the Print
    How to Develop, Fix, & Process
    Vendors and Suppliers
    Contemporary Reference List
    Texts that Available Online

    Our first cards celebrate and offer instruction for five classic historic processes: Albumen, Cyanotype, Gum, Salt, and Van Dyke Brown.

    We’re proud to be partnered with Freestyle Photographic as our sole distributor. These guys really get what we’re doing and with their new 18 page ‘cross over’ section you’ll see their commitment to 21st Century Photography is more than just words! They’re offering great pricing on paper, chemistry, and other materials essential to our photographic practice. But more importantly, they’ve become a one stop shop for all of our photographic needs.

    They’re offering special, discounted pricing on five packs (a complete set) AND teacher bundle packs! The teacher pack information is not listed on their website but if you call their toll free number you’ll be able to get all of the information and pricing 1-800-292-6137.

    Even though the Freestyle catalog just shipped (we haven’t even received our copy yet!) the cards are already selling “like hotcakes” If you’re thinking about ordering one or several I suggest ordering today.

    To order, visit to the Freestyle website, search for F295 and select the cards you'd like to purchase.


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