Exposure 2007 - Calgary-Banff Month of Photograpy Feb 1-28

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    "A month long celebration of Canadian and international photo-based work featuring exhibitions, workshops and educational events in the Calgary and Banff area"

    Runs Feb 1 - 28 2007 in Calgary and Banff, Alberta Canada

    website: http://www.exposurecalgarybanff.com/

    Some of the events include a presentation by Phil Borges, exhibitions featuring works by Andre Kertesz, Craig Richards, group exhibition of Cuban photography by Niurka Barroso, José Angel Vincench Barrera and Alejandro Artalejo Taquechel, and workshops such as the "Magic of Low Tech Photography" with Dianne Bos.

    Check out the calendar in the above link since there are too many events to list here. If you are going to be in the Calgary area in February, it is well worth checking it out.