Exhibition "Die Welt steht kopf" ("The World Turned Upside Down") in Leipzig, Germany

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    I confess: these are my photos. Except one, these are all analog, medium format b/w shots (6x6)

    This exhibition is shown near the court that deals with the expansion of Frankfurt airport. It is about the 'other costs' of air traffic.


    On March, 13, a german court starts to deal with the expansion of Frankfurt airport which affects a large number of people. Noise and pollution near the runways are hard to stand. The vernissage is the day before at 8 pm in a location named „Anton Hannes“.

    Since several years I photograph the downside of airport expansions and air traffic in general at numerous airports throughout Europe. It is not possible to photograph the noise - it's the landscapes, the forests and natural reserves that are devastated at large scale. We pay more than the ticket price and the excess baggage charge.

    This exhibition was organized by an environmentalist group, Ökolöwe – Umweltbund Leipzig e.V. ("eco lion").

    The pictures are exhibited in two places in Leipzig:

    March 12-25.
    „Anton Hannes“, Grassistraße 12 and
    „Memento“, Kolonnadenstraße 1/Dorotheenplatz
    Opening: March, 12, 8 pm in the „Anton Hannes“