Exakta, Topcon mount lenses, accessories

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    Please reply privately, photos on request

    Steinheil Culminar VL Munchen ("Munich"), 135mm f4.5 telephoto lens ("tessar"), chrome, manual diaphragm. Steinheil's version of the Tessar. Lens head unscrews and can be used as a short mount bellows lens using an Novoflex or other Exakta to Culminar adapter (not included). This Lens is often seen in Leica mount and occasionally in a shutter for 4x5 cameras.). Glass is great, barrel, exc, but filter ring has been straightened, Good shooter. $45.

    Schneider Tele Xenar. 135mm f4.5 telephoto, heavy chrome & black enamel over heavy brass, manual diaphragm, pretty! Schneider rear cap, generic front cap. A great example of quality lens making. No plastic here! $60

    Auto Aragon 28mm f2.8 Wide Angle Lens. “Side arm” automatic diaphragm. Appears unused in original box. One of the prettiest Exakta mount lenses I’ve seen: Brushed chrome & black finish (resembles late Angeniux or Topcon RE lenses.) Looks new in original (slightly shopworn) box with original caps and packing material. RARE, and Rarer in this condition! $85.

    Topcon "Topcor" UV 100mm f4 for Topcon Wink, Unirex, Auto 100 with UV mount, original case, minty, NOT for Topcon Super D, RE Super, etc. $20

    Vivitar 2X tele extender (“doubler”), Automatic (“side arm”) mount, original leather case, both caps. $20

    Vemar 2x tele extender (“doubler”), Automatic (“side arm”) mount, also original leather case, identical to Vivitar above, but different label. $20

    Aetna 2X auto Tele Converter, automatic (“side arm”) mount, mint in original leather zipper case and original box, $30

    Aetna 3X auto Tele Converter, automatic (“side arm”) mount, mint in original leather zipper case and original box, $30

    Novoflex Bellows with accessory focusing rail (4 rails: 2 over, 2 under), German, high quality, Exakta Topcon Mounts front and rear, could be used on Canon via FD to Exakta adapter, or Konica or others with proper adapter (not included but not uncommon at auction site) Excellent, $50

    Ihagee (“Exakta”) microscope adapter, also fits Topcon, heavy chrome over heavy brass, near mint. Beautiful! $30

    Buyer pays shipping. Photos on request. PLEASE RESPOND PRIVATELY.