European style Metal single plate holder swap

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    I've acquired a large collection of metal glass plate holders in a variety of sizes and types and before I split them up & list them on Ebay I'm prepared to trade/swap.

    Most are 6.5x9cm, Quarter plate or 9x12 (nothing larger) but there's some smaller ICA/Zeiss fit (not measured the format yet). I have sorted them out into sizes then type of edge fit sets.

    There's some rarer Panoramic or Stereo camera type plate holders that I've never seen before. The best sets are 11 KW 6.5x9 plate holders with a neat unexposed/exposed mechanism - you set it to unexposed when you load and the minute you pull out the sheath it flips to exposed, 2 good cased packs of 3 and a case I'm repairing with 3 more + 2 extras.

    I'm not putting anything in the For Sales/Wanted section (for now) as there's too many variables, and many of us have holders that don't fit our cameras, buying off Ebay is very hit & miss with these holder.

    I guess I have a couple of hundred that are the wrong fit for any of my 9x12 or Quarter plate, plus other smaller sozes.

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    plate holders


    I've bought a second hand plate holder Mamiya for my C330 F tlr camera .Where can I find the single exposure back attachement to use with cut film 4x 5 . It's the extern back who is in my possession now ,I need the intern holder .Are there plateholders who are fitting also for Mamiya C 330 who are produced by another brand?
    THKS for help