Ernerst Purdum - his work and manuscript

Discussion in 'Photographers' started by orlovphoto, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Don't know where to post this, but since this is a place to discuss photographers I thought it would be a good place to start.

    I recently discovered a manuscript by Ernest Purdum along with what is left of his estate (well, more like a fat binder with pages typed and hand-written in it separated into topics like cameras, lenses, shutters etc.). From what I understand he was a big-time contributor to this forum and the Large Format Forum and from what it seems was also in the process of writing a book. I don't know if anyone would be interested in it - there's a lot of really cool information, but I have no time or energy to go though it. There are also copious notes on photographers and inventors (A-Z) and a part of a catalog of cameras (N-Z). Any ideas would be appreciated.

    On the same note, does anyone know of a link to some of his actual photography? From the looks of his estate (again, what is left of it is probably a shadow of what was originally there) the man really knew his stuff and I'd love to see some of his work.
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    Also see my reply in the other thread. Self-publish opportunities abound, but that still means that putting together a book that's worth the ink or pixels is a great deal of work, even ones that start in electronic forms. And you would want to contact the family first before trying to publish it.
    The other option, of course, is that you have a unique object that can go in an honored place on your bookshelf for you to enjoy and learn from, which is a perfectly fine thing.