Ektachrome, Kodachrome , National Geographic Inks

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    Is it possible to buy Ektachrome dyes from market and process with developers , get a powder and mix with solvent and inkjet to the paper and get same colors ? May be We can make trichrome filters with ektachrome chemicals and get correct separation and color at computer and than print with ink.

    I think biggest thing can Kodak make money to produce Ektachrome and Kodachrome inks and filters for large format. May be gelatin imbibition people can use these inks for dye transfer also. I think there is a market.

    I think it would be very expensive but licensing the trade name to japan inks and big production can lower the prices.

    Other thing comes to my mind is to use national geographic magazine inks at the printer. National Geographic is selling photography related media and they can approve a formula to print with inkjet or alternative processes.

    By technology , we will separate a thin coated high technology to slower , larger parts and use at the end.