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Brett Laker

Aug 22, 2004
Medium Format
Very briefly, my name is Brett Laker. I am now at the stage where I would like to get my work 'out there'. I refer primarily to the Fine Art market-galleries in particular. These will probably be galleries that are located outside of Japan and most likely located in the UK or the USA; unfortunately the photographic fine art gallery market here in Tokyo is somewhat difficult as many galleries ask you to rent space from them, but subsequently do nothing in the way of promoting ones work in order to draw in any potential buyers. This is why I am writing to you.

Before I put my questions to you I should say something about my work. I make black and white images on medium format using a Hasselblad camera with Tri-X film stock. I hand process the negatives and have prints made to archival standards. My subject matter falls into three main categories-natural forms, urban spaces and rural spaces. In terms of style I am a formalist at heart-interested in strong compositions, created with tone, contrast, texture and light-hopefully making for some kind of aesthetic statement.

Here are my questions:

1. How can I define a market for my work given that there are thousands of galleries out there? Would advertising in magazines such as Black and White be a good starting point to get gallery representation?

2. Can you recommend any other websites that deal with quality fine art photography?

3. Would you be able to recommend any books or direct me to any other photographers, magazines or organisations who could help me?

4 Do you think that being in a location such as Japan would hinder me in breaking into markets in Europe or the USA. I can't obviously visit them, so in what form should I direct galleries to my work ( a personal website or a small portfolio etc.)?

I apologise if I have asked you too many questions but I hope that you can steer me in the right direction.

Thank you very much for any help that you can offer me.

With best regards,

Brett Laker
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