Ebony 45s in Superb Condition

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    This is an Ebony 45s that is in superb condition, just shy of mint. I will leave you to look up the specs elsewhere. However, I will say is that this model is a lot more sensible than the 45SW/RSW unless you absolutely will not need to use longer than 180mm or focus on anything close in. This model has quite a bit more bellows extension which makes routine use of a 240mm dead simple (unlike the 45SW which will require a top hat lens panel for a 200/210mm and also with a 180 if you intend to focus closer in). This camera is therefore a much more workable 'nature all-rounder' if you do primarily landscapes and the odd close up or macro shot of details in the field. It is of course just perfect with shorter lenses.

    The photos do not do the camera justice due to direct flash indoors, but prior to sale I will give the camera a once over with a touch of oil for the wood and leather conditioner to make everything beautiful. The wood and bellows will quite literally look better than new.

    The bellows are perfect and the woodwork has no nasties, such as cracks dings or anything like that. There is the odd *minor* mark here and there, but we are talking trivia - no gouges, deep scratches, discolouration etc. The metalwork (titanium) is also in fantastic condition without deep scratches. There are some light abrasions on the base from tripod mounting, but only rubs/light marks. The metal work elsewhere is super.

    The camera has not had much use since I ended up working far from home and have been using 35mm/120 exclusively for a few years. With this gone and the 10x8 sold a year ago, I will be left with my 5x7 Walker in the middle for when I want LF.

    Comes complete with GG protector and front cover, but no lens panels.

    The camera retails (on sale) at $2300 incl VAT from Robert White (with a normal price of $2840 incl VAT.

    This one is £1630 (plus P&P at cost), so £700 short of a new one at sale price and whopping £1200 short of the price when the 'limited stock' sale ends at Robert White. With the money saved you can get a few good used lenses and DDS.

    I would prefer payment by cheque or bank tranfer in the UK, but will accept paypal with 3% added to the sale price. I also don't want to use paypal out of principle as they jerked me around in an epic way about a year ago and held my money for almost a year while they lost my paperwork and kept sending me useless 'template' email responses as well as contradictory advice. I have a long history here on apug so there is no BS associated with this ad. I also have 100% positive feedback on ebay as 'Tomishakishi'

    If you have any questions, please email them to: tom.stanworth@gmail.comGBP
    Price : 1630.00