Early 1980 "Darkroom and Photography" magazines

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    Picked up a box full of about 60 of the above magazine and have been thumbing through them. It's a very interesting step back of a couple of decades and there are a few things that strike me right off;

    1. Pictures of pre pubescent totally naked girls was normal and acceptable.
    2. Ansel Adams gave an interview in which he stated "So we've gone through the silver image, the dye image in color, and I think the next one is the electronic image and I hope I'm around to see it."
    3. While cold lights, sensitometry and zone system were mentioned from time to time, there was very little emphasis or discussion of these issues.
    4. The subscribers felt the magazine was going to hell because it was switching emphasis from just Darkroom to also Photography. Sounds like today with a change only of issues.
    5. The term digital can't be found unless you count a reader's tip to use the light from the red digits on his handheld calculator so that he can read the timer in his darkroom.

    Its also nice to see the advertisements and articles for the equipment I now use when it was the latest and greatest available. Of course there were a lot of adds for the newest and best which have faded away into oblivion like the little container and packets of developer that you used to develope film "in canister".

    Fun stuff, but I was raising children back then and don't remember if this magazine was the Modern Photography of it's day or was it considered decent. It seems decent.