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    Hi there,
    I am new in here (posting) although I have been reading you once in a while since long ago, sometimes trying to find out about very specific subjects and others trying to sort out some issues where this place came to be essential in the end, I have to say Apug is absolutely fabulous.

    My very first question regards keeping toguether powder chemicals in order to save time weighting them each time I want to prepare the stock solution. I have been storing the components of d-76 in individual plastic containers for some time and I did not find any cons when diluting and developing... Now I am wondering if it would be similar with e-72 and e-76, keeping apart of course phenidone which I would keep diluted in glycol in order to mix it with water and the other chemicals when I am ready for a mambo session :D. Do you know if there is any risk of any kind of "interaction" among the products that could affect the final results?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    warm greetings from Spain,
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    It's not a good idean to have ascorbic acid and an alkali in contact as this will hasten any oxiddation of the ascorbic acid. Once you have removed the phenidone and the ascorbic acid from the mix what is really the point? Are you really saving that much time?