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    I recently bought a second hand Durst M605. It did not have a lens, but that was not a problem as I already have a 50mm lens that I use on my Kaiser VCP3501. With this lens the enlarger works well for 35mm negatives. The negative carrier that came with the Durst seems to be able to take 6x6cm negatives, but of course, the 50mm lens cannot enlarge a negative of this size (only a portion of the negative is projected onto the baseboard.

    I am interested in moving to medium format (I have spent my whole life with 35mm). Can anyone tell me if the M605 can be modified to cope with larger negatives? What do I need to do? I know I need to use a larger lens, such as an 80mm, or more (105mm would be nice, as I have one of these), but I assume that I also need to change the condenser. Is this true, and is it possible to purchase other condensers for Durst enlargers? Specifically, does anyone know if it is possible to purchase them for older Durst enlargers, such as the M605?

    Thanks for any information.

    Michael K
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    Durst 605

    I have happily been using this enlarger for a number of years for both 35mm and medium format (645 and6X6) There is a lever on the right hand side of the colour head labeled 35 and 6X6 which slides between the two positions and alters the size of the condenser.
    I have looked in my operating manual for info on the black and white head which states:
    "The condenser lamphouse is supplied complete with a single condenser and a double condenser.The double condenser SIRIOCON 80 is mounted on the condenser lamphouse for use with 80mm lenses i.e.for enlargements from 6X6 negatives.When enlarging 35mm films with 50mm lenses replace the double condenser by the single SIRIOCON 50 condenser"
    If you move to medium format you will also need theflat lens panel code SIRIOPLA to mount a 75mmor 80mm lens, as opposed to the recessed panel used for the 50mm lens code SIRIOTUB.
    I hope that this is of some help