Durst DA-900 remarkably complete

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    Feb 19, 2010
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    I have a Durst DA-900 for sale near Chicago and it's very well equipped and original. Asking $300.



    The enlarger itself has been used but not abused. The line cord was old and yucky and the switch was lashed together with electrical tape, so I replaced those, but everything else is in nice original condition. It's a stout and sturdy beast that can handle up to 6.5x9cm. Its hallmark feature is the twin lensboards with the sliding turret and an autofocus feature.

    It seems to be fully functional in every way, including the autofocus, though of course you'd want to spend some time tuning it up once you got it installed. The autofocus feature includes fine-tuning adjustments. It also has a lamp holder that slides back and forth in distance from the column, to center it perfectly in any given setup.

    It includes the original lenses and negative carrier (serial numbers match those stamped on head) plus a wide array of optional pieces. The original lenses are Durst-special Schneiders: a 50/4.0 and an 80/5.6. There is also included a standard Schneider 105/4.5 in its own lensboard. 85 and 105 condensors are included. It's even got the oft-missing filter drawer (never used as near as I can tell.)

    Included negative carriers are:

    AUTONEG: glass bottom and interchangeable glass or mask tops. Below the bottom glass are a pair of dial-set masks for closing the carrier down to just about any size, or up to the full capacity of the enlarger.

    DUONEG: for smaller formats, uses masks in the bottom and either glass or matching masks in the top. Included are standard glassless mask sets for 18x24mm (half-frame 35mm) and 6x6cm (2-1/4" square), plus two glass upper inserts. The glass and upper masks will all fit in the upper portion of the AUTONEG too if you need them to. Also included is what looks to be a custom-made lower holder for standard 35mm mounted slides.

    DANEG: this is just a standard glassless 35mm film strip holder. If for some odd reason you wanted to use the various upper masks or glass from the other carriers, I think they'd fit.

    There are some spare carrier bits and pieces - an AUTONEG with no lower glass, only upper glass, and missing the rubber gasket around the upper rim. And some other parts that don't look like they belong with this enlarger, but came with it so I'm passing them along.

    Also two spare bulbs (both tested to work), a set of Ilford below-the-lens multigrade filters with the oft-missing clamp-on holder, a set of Ilford multigrade filter sheets that are too small to fit in the filter drawer, and a grain focuser. Oh, and the original manual in slightly worn condition. That is what I scanned and cleaned up to make the PDF linked above.

    The baseboard is not actually attached to the metal base, but that's probably just a matter of a few screws if you want it to be. I can't tell if it was ever attached, or is supposed to just set down on there.

    The best thing would be if we didn't have to ship this. If you're in the greater Chicago area, great. If you're even remotely near Illinois, let's talk about meeting halfway or something. Shipping within the US would probably run upwards of $75. I'd want that much up front and would then refund any excess once it's actually shipped, or eat any extra if it goes over. I won't make any profit on shipping, but I don't want to lose too badly on it either!

    I'll ship outside the US if you're willing to pay for it, but it's going to be insanely expensive, since the post office got rid of Parcel Post and makes stuff this heavy go Priority Mail. To give you an idea, I shipped a movie camera of about this weight to France for $200 a year or so ago. This would have to get packed in at least 2 boxes, so would probably cost even more. You'd simply have to be willing to pay whatever the cost is... you would *really* have to want this enlarger :smile:

    Let me know if you have any questions, need more pictures, etc. I'm not in any hurry to get rid of this but if it's up here for a long time with no interest I'll list it on ebay with a low opening bid just to get the wider audience and definite sale.