Durst 138S 5x7 Enlarger in Melbourne, Australia

Discussion in '[Classifieds] For Sale' started by paul ewins, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Jan 5, 2006
    Melbourne, A
    4x5 Format
    I've just acquired a Durst Laboratar 138S 5x7 enlarger that is complete except for the condensors. It came with an Ilford MG head which I am keeping but also has the original condensor head. You could either get a set of condensors or adapt it to a cold light or dichroic head. It has a Trineg 5x7 carrier with adjustable masks. I would consider keeping it but have no space for a floor standing enlarger and already have an L1200.

    It is currently sitting in the back of my station wagon and if you are quick enough and live close enough I can deliver it. It looks huge but is nowhere near as heavy as you would expect. I'm open to offers and would trade for LF equipment, Pentax stuff, mono film, FB paper or whiskey.

    I'd prefer to sell it as an almost going concern, but if there is no interest then I'll probably sell some of the bits. The entire unit will almost certainly be cheaper than buying individual parts.