Durst 138 table release foot pedal

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    I'm getting my Durst 138 cleaned up and ready for the swap out of my Beseler 45MCRX enlarger. There is nothing wrong with the Beseler but it is a 4x5 and the Durst is much better built and accepts larger formats.

    I didn't have a cable and foot pedal until today, upon installation I can't seem to attach the end of the cable to the brake tab. When the foot pedal is depressed the brake should be off and when the foot pedal is released the brake is on. It looks like something is missing in because when the cable is attached to the pivot lever the depressed foot pedal would pull or put the brake on instead of off.

    There must be another pivot part so that the cable releases the brake pivot. The question is: is there a spring that connects to the brake pivot or pull mechanism. That part is attached at the back of near the column and the upper two pieces of metal stick out and act as a pivot for the brake, the lower end on the under side has a roller bar that something connects to. As it is now there is no braking. The only way to brake is to pull the double metal pivot part forward from the bottom of the table arm and because the brake is spring loaded on the column side it immediately unbrakes, not a word, when released and takes quite a bit of pull to make it brake. It seems odd the there would be tension in both directions, one releasing the brake and one pulling the brake. If properly adjusted though the amount of foot pedal pressure would be light in order to release the table brake a good design. A guess.

    So I am thinking there should be a spring attached to the pivot so the brake is always on except when the foot pedal is depress and the arm is pulled back toward the column. If so I will have to install a spring and clamps. I don't see any way to attach the cable to the column side of the pivot arm so it must come in from the front.

    Long winded I know, any ideas? Do you see a spring from the under side of the arm on yours, it should be seen through the hole in the bottom panel. I was able to take that panel off with six or eight small Phillips screws. I wasn't able to find an exploded view of the foot pedal cable brake setup so I'm just pondering what it should look like to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, it's been a very long day here.