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DuPont/Defender 56-D

DuPont/Defender 56-D

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    DuPont/Defender 56-D - DuPont/Defender 56-D

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    By titrisol - 07:19 PM, 05-01-2006 Edit Rating: None
    Thnaks Gerald!!!
    By Peter Schrager - 04:37 PM, 05-02-2006 Edit Rating: None
    Gerald-what is this recommended for? I have used and liked D55 very much. Thanks for posting
    By Gerald Koch - 05:37 PM, 05-02-2006 Edit Rating: None
    Someone asked for this formula. I have never used it but from the description assume it to be a general purpose paper developer. However, it is at least 50 years old and may not be useful for today's papers.
    By Raymond Copley - 02:25 PM, 05-30-2006 Edit Rating: None
    In the Cartier-Bresson classic "The Decisive Moment" published in 1952, there is a technical note that Magnum's standard paper develop was Defender 56 and preferred paper then was (and probably still is) Ilford Multigrade.