Does anyone have any kodak VNF-1 7240 super 8 film frozen they are willing to sell?

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  1. jm94

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    May 9, 2011
    Hello, in have grown to love the look of the older Kodak ektachrome VNF 1 super 8 films in e6, give a very unique retro looking colour palette for some things I like to film! If anyone has any rolls stored properly that they would be willing to part with for postage and some money for the actual film(s) if wanted, please let me know!

    They have a lovley, desaturated look that really suits sunlit days in abandoned-looking places, me and my housemates loved the look! Unfortunately I only had two, both of which have been shot and developed.

    Nothing wrong with the new ektachrome but from what I have researched the VNF films were not peoples favourite, but with me they would go to a good home and be used and enjoyed :smile:

    Jacob :smile: