Difference between Fotospeed and Ilford RC

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    I'm not sure if this effect is due to print size, gloss vs matt or what but the attached jpeg shows the same print on 5x7 Fotospeed RCVC (matt( which is my first test print and the next print at 8 x 10 on Ilford MG IV. As you can see the print of the church is about the same on each (am I wrong ?) but the detail in the sky is much better on fotospeed.

    Is this the sort of thing that you get between papers ?

    Cheers CJB

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  2. Dave Miller

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    Yes, contrast factors change between papers as well as speed. I believe Fotospeed RC is made for them by Kentmere, certainly the filtration factors are the same as Kentmere VC Select.
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    I am a bit lost here. The bigger print shows slightly less of the scene and appears to be a little darker but in both cases on my screen the skies look equally bad in that there are parallel lines across the skies which have a strange look about them. Very little in the way of normal sky definition.

    It may be my screen as just reading your thread I had expected there to be quite a difference which I can't see.

    Skies are often a problem for me. You know, the usual featureless light grey or white so I am interested in different papers which show more detail there without the usual burning. Skies with church spires/towers poking into them are murder to burn while avoiding the towers so any paper which seems to help is useful.

    If yoy have the time can you describe the differences between the two pictures.


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    May 13, 2006
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    Hi Digiconvert,
    I have used and like both papers, however I have found that Fotospeed is about a stop faster than Ilford so that results obtained on one cannot be directly translated to the other. Fotospeed has a creamier base than Ilford and they tone differently in selenium.
    They are both wonderful papers with different charictoristics, the results you have achived are nothing more than I would expect from them.
    Suggest you do test strip on both papers useing same neg. so that you can asses the differance for yourself.
    Regards Paul.