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    Greetings, I have those products:

    p-Phenilendiamina (...for c41?)

    p-Aminophenol (...for rodinal?)

    p-Metilaminophenol Sulfato (...for c41?)

    . I think I can use as developing agents. I'm not sure how... Ideas, formulas?

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    Your last one which I had to google is CAS 55-55-0, it's metol, it's probably a weak colour developer like p-aminophenol given it's one NH group and one OH group (I've experimented with p-aminophenol and phenidone as weak colour developers), but you'll get rubbish results with it, the dye image will be exremely thin, almost not visible to eye.

    Ppd (your first one) should at the very least form a broad density colour image on C-41 film, as long as the process is around the 38-40c mark. According to other's it'll give the wrong hues, and have poor dye stability among other things, but it will be much superior by several orders of magnitude to any type of aminophenol.

    I've got a collection of recipes from APUG member mts which has been extremely helpful to my progression of understanding and experiments which I've posted here -

    This recipe here is simple and may provide reasonable results or not

    You'll probably need to use a smaller amount of ppd to substitute for CD-3 or CD-4.

    Again it's definately not ideal, or up to Kodak or Fuji developer standards, but it'd be good or fun for experimenting with and making use of what you actually have.

    I've been experimenting with CD-2 recently.
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    Depends on the exact forms of these developing agents.

    p-Metilaminophenol Sulfato is actually p-methyl-p-aminophenol sulfate which is Metol.

    The p-Aminophenol is used in Rodinal but also other developers like DK-93 a Metol free print developer and Ilford ID-44 an early Ultra fine grain developer.

    The p-Phenilendiamina is p-Phenylenediamine (PPD which is used in the Sease fine grain developers also alongside Pyrocatechin to form Meritol in many Johnson's formulae including MCM-11 a super fine grain developer. PPD itself isn't used in modern Colour developers.