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    I made a calculator in excel to make dilution ratios easier to calculate:

    It' will work with:
    1:14 - single developer ratios (ie. Ilfosol S)
    and 1:2:100 - a/b solution ratios (ie. PMK Pyro)

    Also included a simple ml. to US FL oz. and US FL oz. to ml. calculator just because it could be useful.

    You can change the volume to any amount and it will re-calculate the ratios. That's kinda why I added the ml - oz conversion

    That way if I'm using my combiplan tank, it's 36 US fL oz, so I convert that to ml, which is 1064.65 - then type the ml amount 1065 into the Target Volume field on the dilution calc and it recalculates for that volume. So it'll work on any tank.
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    thanks MIKE,,

    for usefull information, please if you could send dilution calculator,the link you have posted is not working.