Denville Camera Closing

Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by bmccarthy007, Jul 24, 2007.

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    I posted this in the "Interesting Analog gear for sale" thread in the lounge, but thought it would be worth posting here as well, as there is not much time left if you want to try to pick anything up.

    Was passing through this town in Northern New Jersey yesterday and saw this shop closing its doors. I didn't have much time (or money!) to spend so I was able to stave off an attack of G.A.S.

    Last day they will be open is the 28th. They seemed to have a number of filters, some paper, chemicals, a few cameras, tripods, lenses, bags, some reels, trays & an Omega enalarger w/three lenses. Everything was 70% off yesterday. Display cases also up for grabs.

    Another small town Main St camera shop soon to be gone.

    Denville Camera Shop
    23 Broadway, Denville, NJ - (973) 627-0859