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    Dec 7, 2005
    Did you know that you only have a few more weeks to sign up for the Vestal Weber workshop? The Formulary and Workshops in Montana are honored again to offer you two of the best there is in the business. Two old guys withover 100 years of experience get in the darkroom and class room and try to teach you as much as they can in 5 days. You can't get it from anybody that has more," been there and done that" in photography than these guys. We are even going to have an afternoon with one of Al's old friends, his Arca Swiss 8x10 camera. If ya really want to learn something at a workshop Vestal/Weber will be hard to beat. June 22-27

    Then during the same week we are honored to have Sandy King teaching Carbon Transfer and Van Dyke printing. This is a must for anybody that wants to learn either of these great processes from one of the best in the business. Sandy will not only teach these 2 process but will bring out his knowledge on the Pyrocat film developer formulations and large format negs for contact printing alternative processes.

    Can you imagine having lunch and dinner with David Vestal, Al Weber, and Sandy King for 5 days? Lunch and dinner is one of the highlights of our workshops served family style with food you will talk about till next year.

    So if you are going to Fort Collins Co just come on North a little ways and join us.
    Al Weber is even offering a travel to Montana workshop this year so you can join Al and David in their journey from California to Montana. Heck I might even sign up for that trip.
    Check out our website @www.photoformulary.com and click on the workshop icon.

    Thanxs and hope to see ya in Montana
    Bud Wilson

    PS; Sign up for either one of these workshops prior to May 1 and recieve a $100.00 gift certificate for chemistry from the Formulary. Mention you saw this on APUG. applies to Chemistry only, some restrictions will apply. Thanks