darkroom cookbook 3rd ed.

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    Feb 24, 2004
    I have few questions...

    In Chapter 4 (film developing, Increasing Film Speed Page 50) Anchell talks about using Hydrogen Peroxide to increase film speed with old style film emulsions like Efke 25, 50, 100 but he says that doesnt work with modern films so he took it out of the 3rd edition.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what this information was. IF anyone has the 2nd edition....
    Anchell talks about the amount of chemistry needed to develop a film to full completion. a minimum of 250 ml for 80 squared inches of film. (he recommends 350 ml) pg 41

    so lets says

    D76 Straight at 250ml
    D76 1:1 at 500ml
    D76 1:2 at 750ml
    D76 1:3 at 1000ml

    My problem is i dont have a tank that would hold more than 600ml, So what are some things people do to get around this problem?

    i was thinking of using a Yankee developing tank

    that holds about 2 liters of solution when ever i want to develop real HIGH dilutions with 35mm and 120 films and i use Stand Development.

    Does that also mean

    1+25 = 250ml
    1+50 = 500ml
    1+100 = 750ml?

    Anchell recommends using films with ISOs under 125 for stand development but i like to use 400 speeds, has anyone been able to sucessfuly use 400 speeds or do they come out looking mushy?


    Anyone know of places to go to buy chemicals in Los Angeles?

    and has anyone tried these developers http://www.monochromephotography.com/ ?


    yeah i know im asking a lot but like with astronomy after a discovery, you usually have MORE questions than answers. mars? dark matter?
  2. trexx

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    Nov 16, 2004
    4x5 Format
    The Film Developing Cookbook has the step in it as well as the 2nd. ed. of DRC. You place the developed roll over 40C Hydrogen Peroxide. So put a spacer roll in a metal tank and the HP , warm in a 40C bath, after Dev. place the developed roll in the tank for 10min. then transfer back to the original tank, let stand 5 min. rinse in water 5 times (no acid stop!) and fix.

    As for minimums, 1+2 in a 600ml tank for a single roll is probably OK. But consistency is the issue here. Can you get satisfactory results all the time? One thing I do is mix the min amount, say 1l but my tank only hold 600 ml. I put in 500 ml and dev for about half the time. Dump the first batch and add the second.

    Not sure what the min. for rodinol is but should be in DRC or FDC.

    Test are a part of the process and self discovery. On mans mushy is another mans art.

    If in LA freestyle is where you should shop.
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