Daguerreotype: A Contemporary Approach With Jerry Spagnoli

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    Daguerreotype: A Contemporary Approach
    July 29 - August 3, 2012
    The daguerreotype is as much an object to hold in your hand as an image to look into. This class presents a method for producing high quality daguerreotypes without the use of the dangerous chemicals usually associated with the process. This method was discovered by Edward Bequerrel in the 1840's and has existed as a scientific curiosity until now. It is a process, simple in its parts but full of subtle techniques.

    We will cover everything from how to manufacture daguerreotype plates to finishing and casing the final image and will also cover how to build and maintain the unique equipment necessary for you to continue on your own

    Production of film positives will be presented, for those who wish to use the contact printing method of exposing the plate, and how to modify a conventional film holder for those who wish to expose their plates in a camera. As a finishing touch, you will learn several methods for making cases to hold the finished image.


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