Creative Hand Tinting Jane Goffe / July 20-25, 2014

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    Creative Hand Tinting Jane Goffe
    July 20-25, 2014
    ]Since the earliest days of photography, people have been hand coloring their photographs. Originally, the motive was to add realism to black and white photographs. As color film was developed, hand coloring nearly disappeared. But today, instead of disappearing, hand coloring has become a new art form of its own. No longer is its purpose purely to show the world as it is, but a creative tool to transform images into one of a kind pieces of art.
    Hand coloring, or hand tinting, is a wonderful way to express your creativity. During this workshop you will be creating original works of art from your own black and white photographs. Starting with either a black and white darkroom photograph or a black and white digital print, you will learn how to apply color using photo oils, pastels and pencils. You will learn about the various mediums available for creating darkroom prints usable for hand tinting as well as making suitable digital prints.
    Don’t have a film camera or darkroom? Color or black and white digital files from your digital camera work just as well. Do you have negatives, but no way to transfer it to paper? The Formulary can scan your negative and prepare a print for you, or create a digital negative from your film negative.
    During this workshop we will also be creating lumen prints to hand tint. A lumen print is a way to take a picture without a camera. By carefully placing objects (flowers and grasses are favorites) on top of unexposed darkroom papers, then placing them in the sun to expose them, beautiful delicate color images are created using black and white papers. These prints can then be hand tinted, adding another layer of complexity to the print. Truly one of kind works of art!
    This workshop is a great way to blend the old with the new. A bit of darkroom, a bit of digital and a lot of coloring by hand.
    Tuition: 795.00
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