Copying work: Sunlight man in woods

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    Jun 16, 2005
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    A customer dropped off a negative to be printed. It was in a slide mount. He said he took the photo himself and went on at length about how rare and unique this image was. I think I've seen it before, and when removing it from the mount I see it was copied from what appears to have been a large mural-sized print ( I can see an edge and what appears to be window frames behind it). On enlarging, I can see a canvas-like texture.

    It is a black/white image of the woods where the light coming through the trees appears to be a man walking. I've googled descriptions to include bigfoot and sasquatch to no avail. Anyone recognize this description and possibly know where the photo is on display? I'd like to encourage this customer to go buy the poster from the gift-shop. (and let him know that he needs to stop taking credit for 'his' image)