Copperplate Etching with Noble Fine Art [UK]

Discussion in 'Alternative Processes' started by Fintan, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Jan 29, 2004
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    I attended a Photo Fest yesterday in Dublin, a trade show it was more of a digi fest than anything. But with one very notable exception in the form of Noble Fine Art.

    Looking at their printing was a moment of unbridled joy which I feel obliged to share with the apug community. I'm sure many of our UK friends know about Noble already but perhaps some don't.

    We spoke to David Noble who does the etching himself, explained in detail the analog process and the controls his clients have over the process. His enthusiasm was infectious.

    "We etch the image into a copper plate using a salt which reacts to etch a “tooth”, the ink is held in the tooth in varying depths creating the range of tone in the print. The plate is inked by hand and the excess removed, again by hand, and then placed against the paper and rolled through a press resembling a large clothes mangle. The plate is embossed into the paper transferring the image"

    The prints were absolutely stunning. The usual limits of the internet will render their website woefully inadequate for showing the quality of these prints, however please check them out here

    Noble also do workshops for photographers wishing to learn about printmaking.

    Being a photographer himself, we've asked David to join APUG, hopefully he will soon.
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    I can only agree with what Fintan has said.

    With all the computers, digi cameras and inkjet printers on show, it was like finding hidden treasure when we came upon David Noble's stand.