Computer Generated Hologram on Our LCD Monitor , Correcting Lens Errors , Prints

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    Oct 29, 2006
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    Each one of us use analog photography techniques but we are depending 3 things least for display our photographs at APUG : camera , lens + film , computer , an scanner and an monitor. I think more than half uses LCD monitors.

    Many of us are not rich and depends on cheaper side of equipment with lots of lens errors.

    Lensmakers are started to use Holographic Optical Elements , Diffractice Optical Elements for to build with less glass , more quality.

    Phase masks are promising and virtually its possible to correct all lens errors with them.

    But phase masks might be generated for each lens and film phase masks are difficult to construct.

    So , we need a lcd screen to generate all of these technology but for each camera , its difficult to make.

    But our LCD monitors are promising. Its possible to construct lots of techniques with them.

    I am thinking how to use these giant films as generating phase masks to be photographed and used at printing , generating different lens aberrations on a photograph , correct the photograph with negative aberrated phase mask etc.

    May be an LCD generated picture and its photograph after scanning , could be used as Schack Hartmann test and than phase mask could be constructed for screen viewing or printer head.

    Do you have an say ?