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    May 16, 2009
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    Not sure if allowed to post this here, or not. Apologies to mods if not:smile:

    Holgablog ( is giving you the opportunity to win ANY Holga camera the Holga Ltd produce. You could have the cheapo 120n right through to the expensive stereo 3d jobbie.

    The comp is:

    The competition will take a photojournalistic approach. You submit at least 6 photographs (or the links to the photos to save our inbox from exploding!) in addition to a story. The story can be non-fiction or fiction, it can be an account of how you took the photographs, or an account of what is happening in the photographs (For example,imagine the article ‘when candids go wrong‘, but with more photos!), or even a fictional story or poem with relevent photographs. Let your imagination run wild, or take a step back and submit something journalistic, the choice is yours!

    The bottom line is you have to submit at least 6 photographs along with a piece of writing. The writing has to be linked in some way to the photographs. That’s it!

    The closing date is 31st May, and you can find out more here: