colour gels, flash and slide films

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    Right now I'm looking at two slide films, taken on different occasions and I'm a little bit baffled.
    Both Films were taken on Kodak Elite Chrome with On-Camera flash (TTL measured). On the flash a one-eighth CTO was used with the intention to give a little bit of warmth to the pictures. One film was used outdoors at night the other indoors (large hall, disco illumination). Whereas the pictures taken outdoors on the first film show a distinct warm/yellow tint, the pictures on the indoor film don't. They actually look pretty neutral. A "daylight-neutral" instead of the "bluish-neutral" you usually get with power-quench controlled flashs not on their maximum output level.

    Given that both films were used in settings that could be considered open spaces (and thus with the flash as the main light and with comparable output levels) I don't know why the two films are distinctly different in character. Could this be due to development? Both films were developed at the same drugstore on different occasions. Or due to emulsion batches? I doubt that, because both films were bought at the same time. Storage? Or after all differences in the situation when the pictures were taken? Ideas, anyone?