Cirkut Camera Demo at Clyde Library; Clyde, Ohio

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    Hi all,

    For folks local to me, and interested in (rotating) Cirkut cameras and panoramic photography, I'm giving a talk at the Clyde Public Library on Cirkut / panoramic photography on Thursday, October 23rd, at 7:00 PM in Clyde, Ohio.

    There are two reasons for the talk:

    One, I own a Cirkut and intend to use it. I didn't buy it to let it just sit and grow old....

    Two, the Clyde library recently purchased a stitched Widelux image of mine, which replicated a 100 y/o Cirkut postcard photo scene. I scanned what they had (from a 100 y/o tri-fold postcard), touched it up slightly in Photoshop to get rid of the worst of the wear & tear, and then took my Widelux shots from the same vantage point. When the library saw the results, they wanted good prints of both images, for their archives and walls. It fits in with the library's overall theme, ie, it's a stone Carnegie library, and the interior is decorated with quilts and pencil drawings and watercolor paintings of Clyde's past. For those who don't know, Sherwood Anderson's fictional "Winesburg, Ohio" is actually Clyde, Ohio.

    Anyway, the library matted and framed the old and new images of the town, but they're under wraps yet, and I'll be explaining how the old and new came to be, how both were taken, the history of traveling Cirkut photographers, how I pose the subjects, and develop the film. I'll also have my own #10 Cirkut with me, will assemble it, load a roll of exposed film into it, wind it and let it run for all to see.

    No, we don't know who the photographer was on the original photo. The only ID on the postcard was of the store that sold the postcard. One of the librarians researched the owner of the store via death certificates as far as she could, but he died long ago, and the trail ended.

    The first URL below is a link to the old and new pano photos of Clyde. The second URL is a link to the Clyde Library schedule. Scroll to the bottom for more information on my Cirkut presentation.

    Clyde, Ohio - 1907 & 2007:

    Link to Cirkut presentation at Clyde Public Library:

    Would enjoy seeing some of you there.
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    I wish this was scheduled on a weekend. It looks like a great excuse for a road trip.