Chris Marker's Coréennes Reprinted

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    A big small news for all of you who like La Jetée and the work of the multi-media-cum-genius artist Chris Marker: long out-of-print Coréennes, a collection of photographs taken by Marker in North Korea after the war has just been reprinted:

    The book contains an Korean translation of the original French writeup, but so far this is the best we can hope from a book that has become impossible to find. (The French writeup is available separately on the original version of the Immemory CD-ROM; the English version is available around the Intertubes).

    At the moment when North Korea has never seemed more closer to the edge of total catastrophe (and maybe it's already there), this is a sound reminder that a long time ago there was an ideal and an ambition that animated the Northern republic.

    It's also a good book to read if you're tired of the current clichés of the North Korean Tour that so many books have given us lately.
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