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    Hello, I'm so goddamn happy with both price and service from a company that I want to share it with you guys. I have no affiliation with them 'cept for being a happy customer. There name is genesis lamp, with the url . Not only did they have a good price but I experinced some very fast and ready communication with their sales staff (and a bit humorous too).

    I bought a few norman 200b UV tubes for the incredible $20.40 a piece, yes, read it again, $20.40!! B&H and adorama charges $44.95, so that's less than half the price! They also carry a lot of other brands (lumedyne, speedotron, WL etc), some with solder legs for DIY projects and whatnot. Shipping was very reasonable to (I live in Sweden so if it's reasonable for me it's probably a bargain for the americas ). I ain't getting jack for saying this, but their prices are competetive to say the least.