Care and ID of Photos Workshop @American Phil. Soc., Philadelphia, PA, September 17

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    Care and Identification of Photographs (from daguerreotypes to digital)

    September 17-20, 2012: Philadelphia, PA (American Philosophical Society)



    What are the defining characteristics of individual photographic processes?
    How does environment affect the lives of photographic objects? In this 4-day
    intensive workshop, you will develop identification skills and knowledge
    about fine art and historic photographic processes, from the daguerreotype
    to digital prints. This workshop is intended for curators, collectors,
    archivists, collection managers, and anyone who studies or appreciates
    photographic prints.

    Using handheld 60x microscopes and a large set of photographic and
    photomechanical samples, you will learn how a variety of processes were
    created, why they look the way they do, and how they deteriorate. Group ID
    sessions, using a digital microscope and screen projection, will allow
    participants to practice their identification skills in a guided setting.
    Preservation topics include enclosures, handling guidelines, environmental
    monitoring, the effects of temperature and relative humidity on collections,
    and the importance of cold storage for certain photographic materials.

    Over 30 different processes are studied in great detail, from how
    daguerreotypes are made and how they are best preserved, to how long-lasting
    inkjet prints are created, and how to preserve and store color photographic
    materials and cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate-based photographic

    Registration Includes:
    • 4-day workshop
    • 240-page color notebook
    • 60x LED handheld microscope
    • OPTIONAL: Basic Photographic Sample Set

    The registration fee for this 4-day workshop is $795 (STUDENT PRICE $645)
    and includes a handheld microscope and a workshop notebook with lecture
    handouts, Quick ID Sheets for each process, and a selection of readings on
    photograph preservation. The Basic Photographic Sample Set, consisting of
    18 identified photographic and photomechanical processes, is available with
    registration for $75. Due to the hands-on nature of this workshop, the number
    of participants will be limited to 14.

    The Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA), a certifying organization of
    professional archivists, will award 15 Archival Recertification Credits
    (ARCs) to eligible Certified Archivists (CAs) attending this workshop.

    The American Society of Appraisers and the International Society of
    Appraisers will award 24 reaccreditation hours/professional development
    credits for qualified appraisers attending this workshop.

    For more information, please contact the instructor:

    Gawain Weaver
    Photograph Conservator
    tel 415.446.9138