Carbon Printing with QTR Digital Negatives Sandy King / August 17-22, 2014

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    Carbon Printing with QTR Digital Negatives Sandy King
    August 17-22, 2014

    Carbon Printing with QTR Digital Negatives
    Carbon is one of the oldest of all photographic processes, having been introduced more or less in its present form in 1864 by the Englishman Joseph W. Swan. Carbon is a contact printing process that gives a final image that consists of a pigment suspended in hardened gelatin. Carbon is without question the premier photographic printmaking process in all of history. Carbon prints have a unique image quality characterized by surface relief and a very long tonal scale with an almost absolutely straight-line curve. Prints can be made in a wide range of colors and tones, the choice limited only by the availability of suitable tissue, and when suitable pigments are used the prints are extremely stable. Our approach in the workshop is hybrid, combining the best of the old, the carbon process, with contemporary methods of image controls through Photoshop and the production of high quality digital negatives with Epson photo printers.
    In the carbon transfer workshop at the Photographers Formulary the students will learn everything necessary to make their own carbon prints. There will be discussions of all the materials, equipment and supplies needed for printing with carbon, including information about light sources. The participants will learn to make carbon tissue, starting from the raw materials of gelatin, sugar and pigments, and will use this homemade tissue in printing. All of the various steps in making a carbon print will be explored in depth, including sensitizing carbon tissue to make it sensitive to UV light, preparation of final support papers, mating the sensitized and exposed tissue with a final support, and development of the carbon print in warm water.
    There will also be a very thorough session devoted to using Epson printers and the QTR driver to produce high quality digital negatives that can be used for carbon printing, or with appropriate curve modifications, with other alternative processes.
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