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Discussion in 'Wet and Dry Hybrid prints' started by mshchem, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Nov 26, 2007
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    My HP all in one is clogged. Genuine HP Made in China ink from Costco. I love HP, NOT, they print on the outside of the 3 pack of Black cartridges, "Could be made in the following countries, blah blah blah, item is marked with country of origin" I looked they cleverly hide the fact that it's made in China so You have to open to find out. CROOKS!!!!!

    I have a Canon iX6820 Pixma, always left it plugged in haven't used it for two years. I put some regular paper in and it prints great all the colors are there. Amazing. Ink cartridges (Made in Japan) still working great
    I'm going to use some of my wife's money to buy a nice all in one and start using this to print dreaded Ink jet prints.

    Sorry China, You may be the future of the world but as long as you let dopey American companies rule the process you are screwed.

    I will have to find a way to shellac the print so the ink doesn't run. I couldn't believe it when this thing started working. People have told me "If you leave the Canon printers plugged in they will take care of themselves" I'm a believer.

    I want to print large negatives for contact printing on Fiber paper. This is what I will try.

    Best Regards, Mike
  2. Tim Stapp

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    Dec 21, 2012
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    Mike, I'm with you regarding the HP. About a year ago, I purchased a Canon Pixma Pro 10. I can go months without printing a thing. No clogged heads. My local (an hour away - 2 hour round trip) brick and mortar store gave me a fantastic deal on it. The Pro 100 was on sale. I called and had one set aside. By the time that I could get there to pick it up, some one else bought it. They sold me the Pro 10 for the same price. Even better, Canon has specials where if you buy a certain amount of ink (usually $30) they throw in free paper. I have over 200 sheets of Canon photo 13x19 paper for free.
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