Calumet 400 and two lenses for sale

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    I have for sale my Calumet 400 series 4x5 view camera. Since I already have a Cambo 8x10 I want to buy a cambo 4x5 camera so I can use the accessories of the 8x10 on the 4x5.

    The camera looks well used. Bellows is light tight and the movements are smooth. There are two knobs that needs to be tightend with the right tools other then that it is a good camera.

    I have two lenses with it. A Kodamatic Anistigmat 150 mm from beginning 20the century I guess. No fungus inside as far as I can tell. I shoot good photo's with it.
    The second lens is a Polaroid prontor 105 mm.

    It all comes in a case.

    For the price I am thinking about €250,00. Or best offer.

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