Calling all Pt/Pd printers in the Toronto Area

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    Dec 25, 2003
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    For anyone in the general area around Toronto who may be interested in Pt/Pd printing, Bob Carnie has made a facility available at Elevator Digital. There is lots of room, a real big sink, lots of trays, and a Nu-Arc plate burner.
    There is also equipment avail for scanning negs, and making digi-negs as per the Mark Nelson PDN system if anyone is interested.
    Interest in doing something like this was sparked by the workshop that we did in Dec with Sandy King and Mark Nelson. Bob is offering the space and the equipment for an organized group, on set days and times, at a reasonable rental rate. The amount mentioned was around $300.00 for a weekend where we would essentially have complete access for the whole weekend. If there is as many as only 4 or 5 people involved, this would make the expense minimal; and with as many as 8 or 9, there is enough space that with some organization, we could all work comfortably.
    Bob asked me to organize this, cuz we all know that he is not gonna do it. So, if anyone is interested, please PM me or email me, and we will probably have to set up a meeting or something.