C41 Problem - completely clear film

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    Dec 19, 2008
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    I have had a problem developing some C41 films with the Tetenal kit.
    I don't do large volumes so I get the Tetenal 1L kit and mix it as 500ml batches.
    I developed some 5x4 film last week and it was fine.

    I wanted to develop three 120 rolls in my Jobo but I thought that this would need 600ml of solution to cover so I mixed 500ml fresh developer and added 100ml of the old.

    The films came out completely clear. No branding on the rebate or anything. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong. I've never had anything like this before.

    Could it be that I topped up my developer with blix by accident?

    I'm only relieved that I couldn't remember what the hell I had on those films so I don't feel a great loss :laugh:

    Thanks in advance for any responses,
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    Oct 6, 2010
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    Blix would totally kill your developer for sure, even a few drops would do it and 100mL would for sure. Obviously you should pour this batch out and start again. Sorry about your luck.

    I always mix up the the entire 1L quantities and keep them in their own bottles. I reuse them many times, pouring the used solutions back in the bottle.