C-41 Digibase reuse in Jobo ATL 1000

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    Jun 9, 2014

    I am new to home processing and wanted to ask you guys for an advice.
    Does anyone know how to reuse C-41 chemicals in Jobo ATL 1000 properly?

    I prepared 270 ml solutions and loaded the 2500 tank with two 2502 reels with 35mm roll each. I ran the process with C-41 regime. The results were amazing. During the process i collected the used chemicals back to the bottles (by simply collecting the drained chemicals after each step of the process).

    Then in a few days i repeated the process with the same tank and the same amount of rolls. I used the same chemicals i collected. The was about 240-250 ml of each solution, so i added the rest from the kit. I set the machine to "C-41 +1" regime. The result was great again. I did it because i'd read somewhere that every time i reuse the developed it becomes weaker needs an additional time.

    Now i am looking at the chemicals' manual and see that the developer's capacity is 3-6 rolls, bleacher's - 5-8 and fixer's - 5-8. Which means i can reuse my collected chemicals at least one more time.

    And here is the question - do i have to do +2 stops push? Or +1 will be enough? How do i count the additional time for the developer when i reuse the chemicals in Jobo ATL 1000?

    Thank you all in advance for your help!