Busch Pressman D & Accesories

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    Jun 21, 2009
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    Just bought a Tachihara, so I dont need this.
    Excellent shape body with perfect bellows.
    Leather on body - Excellent
    Viewing hood - Excellent
    Groundglass - Excellent
    Rangefinder is included but not attached. It was not working.
    I used this camera as a field camera, so I removed unnecessary items.
    Three (3) extra lens boards which are hard to find.

    Calumet C2 roll film holder. Which fits and works good.
    Two film holders.
    Busch film pack holder.
    Instruction book and original grey camera case.

    100% rating on E-Pay at sarasotajoey.
    Money orders only.

    Shipping depends on Zip Code.
    Price : 200.00