BTZS Testing for kallitypes/TMAX 400 help

Discussion in 'Exposure Discussion' started by Paul, Jun 15, 2006.

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    Nov 20, 2002
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    I would like to run the BTZS film test for TMAX 400 developed using pyrocat to be used primarily with kallitypes and palladium. However, I have a couple of problems: I do not have an enlarger (or a timer capable of making short enough exposures with another light source), nor do I have a densitometer, let alone one with a uv channel. The View Camera Store will read pyro negatives, but they use the blue channel of their densitometer, which, as I understand it, does really get you too close to the true uv readings.

    I was wondering if there is a kind soul out there with a uv capable denitometer who might help me with this. I can have the View Camera Store expose the step wedge to the film, I will process it appropriately and then send it to my new best friend for reading. I do have my own Stouffer step wedge (yay!), so I would also send along an exposed and processed piece of paper, and maybe my friend could read these densities as well so that I could plot my paper curves. I will do this all by hand since I do not have any of the BTZS software (or if the volunteer does have the sofware he/she could earn extra points and plug it into said software so that I would have something to check my hand calculations against). I realize that I must sound lazy and or opportunistic, but to acquire the equipment necessary to carry out the process on my own (which would be ideal) would cost a fortune that I do not have.

    Of course, my other option (opinions welcome) would be to go with a conventional developer and let the View Camera Store handle to whole operation. My reluctance to do this stems from all the good words that alternative process printers have to say about pyrocat. My experience with it has also been favorable. And, I like the option of being able to use the negatives to print on AZO as well.

    Right now I think that I am flailing about too much and need a more scientific approach. Thus BTZS.

    I would, or course, provide all the film, pay all postage fees, and could make it worth your while with a bottle of your favorite wine, spirits, or maybe a box of chocolates. You name it.

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    Send me a PM I will send you my address so you can mail me your strips. As a bonus I will add my files for the plotter if you are using it, you might be able to extrapolate for your own use. I have used Clay's and Sandy'd data this way....