Bromoil frenzy...

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    Don't know what actually happened...

    But from the start of july, I have been "busy"...

    It started innocently with the enjoy of holyday (no students to disturb).. Made bromoil prints - one after another..

    Then I made a "mistake" - I chose a wrong colour for a portrait, and instead of throwing it away, I decided to try out multicolourings of my bromoils. I normally have been using one colour alone.

    One portrait after another was inked.

    I then wanted to use it for my nudes, but realized the motives I normally use, isn't really great for this..

    I "needed" more expressive motives. (must do some soon..)

    So I decided to try some erotics. I have a lot of those from my "past" and this worked more than fine!

    I then wanted to cross a limit.. so I found some hardcore images - made them into multicoloured bromoils, and I really liked the results. However, I don't "feel" for these images, as I am not the photographer...

    But it is an interesting learning process. All I "need" to do now is, to go make some more expressionistic images.

    I have made my self a personal tour de France - my own Olympics.

    And during this summer - one and a half month - I have produced more than 150 bromoil prints...:blink:

    Most can't be shown here - some can't be shown anywhere but here in my house...

    But I have learned.

    This sunday my new students will arrive - then I might rest and teach .. :smile: