Brighton Festival Fringe 2011 exhibition and talk - Pradip Malde's Haiti

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    Brighton Festival Fringe, 7-30 May 2011 will be hosting visiting professor Pradip Malde's lectures and exhibitions entitled 'Haiti: blind architect'. This photographic collection spans the past six years of work in Haiti and includes both platinum/palladium and inkjet prints produced from film and digital files.

    Pradip Malde is a Professor of Art at Sewanee, The University of the South, in Tennessee. His work in Haiti is exceptional for its combination of powerful exposé and high art, with a long-term mission to change lives on the island.

    The prints will be available to view throughout the Brighton Festival, May 7-29, at The Siderotype Gallery within Taylor St Baristas, 28 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XA, from 10-5 daily. A second group of prints will also be installed at Rodhus, 16-30 Hollingdean Road, Brighton, BN2 4AA, from 10-4 daily.

    Two lectures, both open to the public and free of charge, will be presented at the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton. Dates and locations:
    May 9th, U. of Sussex, 1:00, Institute of Development Studies, BN1 9RE.
    May 11th, U. of Brighton, 4:00, Photography Dept, Circus St, BN2 9QF.

    Preview the exhibition:
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    Thank you for that I was looking for an excuse to go to Brighton :smile: