Bridge Construction exhibit, Toledo Museum of Art

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    For those within traveling distance of Toledo, Ohio, I would like to recommend an excellent B&W photo exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art.

    “From Start to Finish: Photographs of Toledo's I-280 Bridge Project
    March 9-June 1
    See Toledo history in the making. Photographs of the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway will be on view at TMA beginning March 9. The Skyway is the largest project ever undertaken by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). From the beginning, TMA recognized the importance of documenting this distinctive landmark’s evolution and commissioned a series of photographs by local photographer and Bowling Green State University professor Lynn Whitney. Whitney has been a devoted chronicler, visiting the site regularly, getting to know the workers, and even venturing to the top of one of the supporting pylons. This selection of photographs records the entire chronology of the bridge’s construction. “

    From memory there are about thirty 20x24 enlargements and about fifty 8x10 contact prints. Lynn uses an 8x10 Phillips camera (my only connection). This is an effort at documentation that has gone way beyond. For me capturing curving, flying, architecture in all seasons, in all conditions, is more than documentation. She has had complete access and has done an excellent job in capturing the beauty of the design, the difficulty of the task and the character of the building crews. Great composition and printing.

    The Skyway will connect the Ohio Turnpike to Route I-75 and Detroit. Construction has been underway for six years. If this isn’t enough draw, Tony Packo’s hot dog restaurant, famous to Max Klinger – MASH fans is at the foot of the bridge.

    John Powers