Box of Paper and Film, Useful or worthless?

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    A couple of months ago I was given a box full of boxes of film and paper. When it was given to me I was on the way out the door and did not really even take a look at it. I just assumed at some point I would find a use for it. Chances are, if it had been normal B&W paper, it would have been good for experiment only as I doubt it was stored well. Today I got the chance to look through it and I am completely unfamiliar with any of it. I would say it is all used in the graphic arts world of old.

    I'm wondering if it is good for ANYTHING in my limited use? Can I do anything with any of it with traditional paper and film developers? Ie, cut it for 8x10 holders for use with my new Korona?

    Here it is:

    1 box - Poly-Quick Camera speed Dupe film
    4 boxes - Kodak Gray contact screen (negative) 133 Line (no idea what that means)
    1 box - Kodak PMT II Receiver paper
    1 box - Kodak PMT II receiver film KRF
    2 boxes - Kodak PMT 3 Negative paper KNP
    3 boxes - Kodak PMT 3 negative paper KRP
    1 box - Kodak UltraTec Film UGF
    1 box - Kodak PMT AD Negative paper
    2 boxes - Chemco powerdot receiver sheet 6033 (this says Notch at top right, so I guess "sheet" means Film)
    1 box - Chemco Receiver paper 6022

    Also, 1 box of By Chrome (brand name?) Screen tints 133 Line

    So, again any use to me or better used to line the bottom of the trash can? Is "Screen" = paper or film or neither?

    Thank you

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    What you have are halftone screens and other materials for use in a copy camera. When I worked for a little weekly newspaper in the early 1980s, the production guy would use these to screen photographs for print. I'm not exactly sure how the process worked, but the end result was a screened positive image that could be pasted onto a layout. The layouts were then converted into page negatives by the printer, the page negatives were used to make printing plates, etc. You are the proud owner of some fairly useless, outdated stuff. Almost no one uses this process anymore.

    Peter Gomena
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    If you want to give me a half tone screen for the cost of postage to OZ I will pleased to help you in your dilemma - However, I can't read the labels on your boxes from your digisnaps, but one of the boxes labeled "Kodak Gray contact screen (negative) 133 Line" might be right, I will go into the darkroom and see how my dirty one is labeled - Hang on, I will be back very soon

    I am back, yes, that might work, the one I used for making silk screen negs was a negative elliptical, but the one you have might work - I gave up printmaking years ago, but Rae is interested as a way of making very short run posters that feel "real" rather than digi-ink-squirt posters - In this too I will probably end up being her darkroom boy while she cooks - Which is fair enough