book group buy for Holland: Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes

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    Last weekend I followed a course in Casein Printing overhere in Holland, Europe. The tutor showed us the new & very large book about alt-photo processes from Christina Z. Anderson (
    Gum Printing and Other Amazing Contact Printing Processes (336 pages, 500+ images)


    See also: http://www.alternativephotography.c...-and-other-amazing-contact-printing-processes

    I think it is a wonderful book and I want to get me a copy. However, buying & shipping the book to Europe will cost $ 73.50 + import taxes (= 24% in Holland). This would make a total cost of EURO 76.00 for only one book (of retail $ 44.50)!!
    So I inquired on behalf of the participants of the Casein Course for a group buy.
    If I order 10 books or more, I can get a discount and combined shipping. That would make about EURO 50 per book - including all the shipping costs, taxes & duties - which I think is an acceptable price.

    So I need a few more participants to make this deal happen.
    Is there anyone within The Netherlands interested in joining this buy? Other folks from anywhere else in Europe are also welcome, but would need an additional EURO 11 for extra shipping costs from Holland to your address in Europe. Shipments within Europe (EU & EER) are free of additional import taxes. I can include a VAT bill if this helps you.
    And if I don't get charged for import taxes (small change), the price will be even a bit lower. I'm not making any money on this deal myself. But off course I'm always willing to accept a nice homemade print as a thank you from a grateful participant in this group buy ;-)

    Let me know if you're interested, by sending me a PM with your name and private email address. Payments by bank transfer, please, to avoid Paypal costs. If there are enough participants, I'll confirm the GO AHEAD and order the books.

    Below you'll find some info about the contents of the book.
    There is also a free download on the site for an 8 bit step wedge to go with the digital negative system in the book (in Photoshop format).

    Bert from Holland
    my blog:

    ----------------------------info from site----------------------------
    Book features

    • Culmination of ten years of research in resources from 1839–2013.
    • Replacement text for the former Alternative Processes, Condensed.
    • Helpful chapter on Setting Up the Dimroom with a handy Paper Chart for alternative processes.
    • Digital Negatives chapter provides a comprehensive yet simple method for all processes.
    • SECTION I, a book in itself, covers the dichromated colloid processes of gum and casein.
    • Pigment Chart for gum and casein.
    • Troubleshooting Chart for gum and casein as well as troubleshooting sections for all processes.
    • Creative Ideas chapter for inspiration.
    • Historical timeline of both gum and casein.
    • SECTION II covers cyanotype, argyrotype, kallitype, Vandyke brown, platinum/palladium, POP palladium/ziatype, salted paper, and combination printing.
    • Bodies of work often grouped in grid structure for a visual exploration of the cohesive idea.
    • Side-by-side comparison images, the same image done in different processes or ways.
    • Image captions contain much wisdom from over one hundred photographers.
    • Extensive bibliography for further research.

    Table of contents

    • Chapter 1 Setting Up the Dimroom
    • Chapter 2 Digital Negatives.

    Section I: Dichromated Colloid Processes

    • Chapter 3 Introduction to Gum Printing
    • Chapter 4 Paper, Gum, and Dichromate Preparation
    • Chapter 5 Pigments for Gum and Casein
    • Chapter 6 Making the Gum Print
    • Chapter 7 Creative Ideas for Gum
    • Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Gum
    • Chapter 9 The History of Gum
    • Chapter 10 Casein
    • Chapter 11 The History of Casein

    Section II: Other Amazing Processes

    • Chapter 12 Cyanotype
    • Chapter 13 Argyrotype
    • Chapter 14 Kallitype
    • Chapter 15 Vandyke Brown
    • Chapter 16 Platinum and Palladium
    • Chapter 17 POP Palladium or Ziatype
    • Chapter 18 Salted Paper
    • Chapter 19 Combination Printing
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    Sep 18, 2012
    Netherlands, EU
    There are six participants up to new so we need only four more to make this group buy work.
    If you're interested to participate please let me know.
    Bert from Holland