Bogen 3011 Tripod/Kaiser Ball-head/ Harrison tent/ Metal film cassettes.

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    I have multiple items to sell, all in very good condition and fully functioning. I have more camera gear than I can use, and would like to let someone else make better use of it.

    Prices include shipping and Paypal in CONUS
    I have bought and sold plenty here, in RFF, and GetDPI. Also my EBay ID is kerichokid
    No returns, please unless the item seems inaccurately described.

    Feel free to make offers, if you feel the price is way off.

    1. Bogen 3011 tripod, bought new with small Kaiser Ball head. Has seen very litte use $150

    2. Harrison "Pup" tent for changing film, bought new ($215), in excellent condition, comes with carrying bag $125

    3. Large (vinyl ? Nylon ?) changing bag 26"x30", no leaks cuts or stains. $25

    4. Shielded Film carrying case (Optech), can carry 10-12 35mm rolls. $15

    5. Black Metal reusable film cassettes (12) almost new $18

    6. Colored Metal reusable film cassettes (12) little used $18

    7. Kodak Vintage Film Canisters, with caps (5) $25

    a2079181312570ffa7926a_m.jpeg sales-1.jpg sales-2.jpg

    sales-3.jpg sales-4.jpg sales-5.jpg

    sales-6.jpg sales-7.jpg
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