Blow out sale,Ilford Grade2 liquid emulsion

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    Jul 19, 2012
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    We currently have in stock 28 250 ml bottles, and 10 liter bottles of Ilford's grade 2 emulsion. This is the same emulsion that is coated on their Bayta paper and sold by Ilford.
    We are offering this product out at our hard $ cost, IE cost of product from Ilford +freight to us from Ilford. This was purchased directly from Ilford.
    This product can be coated on anything that will hold it and can use enlarger to expose it.
    We are offering as follows.
    250 ml bottle @ $50.00
    l000 ml bottle @ $165.00

    I am pretty sure this won't last so if there is interest go to to see details and have ability to order or call 800-922-5255.
    As mentioned above this is hard cost with no profit to us at all.
    So come and get it boys and girls.